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Ag Tech News - FBN Finance Launches Farmland Capital

Farmers Business Network, Inc. (FBN®), the leading direct-to-farm ag tech platform and farmer network, today announced the launch of Farmland Capital, a unique farmer-friendly financing co-investment option from FBN Finance. The product allows farmers to tap into their farms’ equity to access the funds they need.

There is tremendous demand from farmers who want access to capital without the burden of debt. According to an FBN survey of its members, more than 69% of growers want to reinvest in their farming business, but don't want to take out additional bank loans. 39% of respondents are considering buying out a family member, with 19% saying this will happen in the next 5 years. Another 37% of farmers want to buy new farmland in the next year, while 30% are looking to transition their land to take advantage of carbon payment programs, with another 13% looking to transition to regenerative ag, and 9% want to transition to an organic operation.

FBN Finance invests in a slice of the farm’s equity as a passive minority partner, paying farmers cash today for a share of the farm’s future appreciation. There is no interest or rent payments to FBN Finance, giving farmers a path to full ownership of the land without the burden of debt.

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