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$5 to $15 cheaper for Lambs at Bendigo

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Yarding - 21,000

More lambs were presented following the dearer trends that emerged in the marketplace last week. Quality was mixed and inconsistent with many pen lots having a percentage of both good slaughter lambs and some lambs needing more finish. More buyers were in attendance, however it didn't translate into stronger bidding as they remained selective and didn't always operate. Prices for heavy lambs over 24kg cwt were generally $5 to $15/head cheaper with some of the bigger export lambs easing by up to $25/head. Light lambs were softer but still received reasonable support from restockers and price corrections were not as harsh.

One pen of heavy export lambs off grain estimated at 36-38kg cwt topped the sale at $266 with the balance of the 30kg cwt plus lambs selling from $203 to $258 in an erratic market to average $236/head at a estimated cost of 700c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs 26-30kg cwt mostly $190 to $228/head in another varied result that also produced an overall average of close to 700c/kg. The neater trade weighted lambs were estimated at 720c to 750c/kg cwt, the main run of crossbreds in the 22-24kg cwt range averaging $175/head at 737c/kg cwt. Light weight lambs under 20kg cwt mostly $135 to $160 for the better framed types, with store buyers still prepared to support the better-bred lines of late drop spring lambs. Merino lambs made similar carcass money to plainer crossbred lambs at 670c to 700c/kg cwt or $150 to $193 for the general run of trade weights.

Competition for heavy sheep improved driven-up demand from two main export companies. Heavy crossbred ewes $195 to $230/head. Heavy Merino wethers peaked at $226 and ewes at $214/head. General run of trade sheep with frame mostly $130 to $180 and light sheep $80 to $120/head. Good runs of mutton were costing processors over 600c/kg cwt in a market that was erratic and difficult to follow at times.