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Insura Broking Group

Insura Broking Group

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Transit & Delivery Insurance

Insura Broking Group is a specialised Transit & Delivery insurance broker who has partnered with Farm Tender and one of Australia’s largest insurance companies NTi to provide Farm Tender customers the opportunity to insure purchased items for Transit & Delivery Insurance via an online portal.

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This portal provides an opportunity to quote and bind cover for Delivery & Transit Insurance on the following commodities : -
* Livestock
* Agricultural/mining materials
* Cars, Bikes, Caravans, boats & vehicles
* Food & Beverage (non temp controlled)
* Plant, machinery, Parts & Accessories
* Wholesale, Retail & General
** If any limits or conditions exceeded a referral will be made to the team at Insura Broking Group

Items Must be professionally carried (Except for livestock can be own carried)