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RYAN NT CWS2000 Coil Wheel System

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These Coil Gauge Wheels can help you get your Crop in on time - Read the article here.

Local Machinery business changing the face of No Till - Read the article here.

The Future is here with our ultimate Coil Wheel System

The RYAN NT CWS2000 Coil Wheel System is revolutionising the world of No Till. Imagine a wheel that can self-clean, not cake or smear, eliminate blocking in most conditions, no more splitting rubber and give you a superior germination.

Retrofit the RYAN NT CWS2000 to your current Press Wheel assembly

Models to suit all types of hubs & bearing systems

Upgrade your planter for more productivity, no more caking or cracking and better germination

Models to suit JD, Serafin, Kinze, Bos, Excel

Paul Ryan and his team have spent several years fine tuning and developing the CWS2000 Coil Wheel System to suit most No-Till applications. If you’re looking for the advantage when planting, look no further the CWS2000 system.

Ryan Farming Machinery is now based back in Horsham. With over 30 years experience developing farm equipment we are proud to release a new range of No Till retrofit equipment. We have upgraded our range of Tynes and CWS 2000 Coil Press Wheels to help you generate more productivity and profitability.


Latest Design Ryan Tynes For Sale

Fits any size and shape frame.

50 units available now


Happy to sell in smaller quantity

Ideal to upgrade your existing machine

with either a tyne shank or Ryan Double Disc

**Other retrofit disc models available

Price per unit

A Revolution in No-Till Planting

The Coil has proven to outperform competitive systems from Cotton and Corn fields in QLD to the dry and wet planting of the winter crops in Victoria. The newly released narrow Gauge Wheel has outclassed the conventional rubber systems with self-cleaning and longevity.

Supported by the revolutionary Coil Closing Wheel, this proved to break down clods and cover the row superior to other models.
This advanced system is next level technology for Disc Planting, enabling you to be more productive with your current Planter. Be sure to secure yourself for next Planting season, contact us now.

Advantages of our Coil Gauge and Closing Wheel System (Patent Pending) include:

* Gauge Wheel that overcomes replacing rubbers
* Gauge Wheel that self cleans
* Gauge Wheel that keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench
* Gauge Wheel that gives a smoother ride for better seed placement.
* Ideal for No Till or Conventional planting
* Closing Wheel that gives a better press
* Closing Wheel that sifts the soil back over your furrow to retain moisture
* Closing Wheel that can give a more even germination
* Unique press & squeeze system that self cleans.

Local machinery business changing the face of No-Till
Paul Ryan and his team at Ryan Farming Machinery of Horsham has developed some of the most innovative planting systems for the farmer.

His unique patented concepts are all about making the farmer more productive. Following on from the Ryan Tyne that changed face of direct drill by allowing the farmer to easily convert their conventional back in the early 90’s. Now is the leading no-till retrofit tyne.

Paul has developed the Ryan Tyne to handle a massive breakout of 600lb. The new beefed up tyne has the ability to quick change from a shank to a double disc assembly. Paul’s first experienced planting with a single disc on his family when his father Austin Ryan OAM developed a single disc planter. Paul found that a retrofit double disc system to be more universal and practical. A farmer can now plant dry without making clods and with the unique front boot system allows the farmer to plant in unchoice conditions without blocking.

Paul has continued on with the Ryan Coil Wheel system by adding onto the original Press Harrow gang model to individual rear and tyne mount models.’ The self-cleaning and non-caking benefits from the Coil Wheel has proven to be an advantage from red clay soils in the south to the black soils of the north’ Paul said.

Continuing the family tradition Paul developed the Coil Wheel system into a patented Gauge and Closing Wheel for single and double disc planters. After working close with farmers who were having trouble with furrow cracking and build up on the conventional rubber gauge and closing wheels Paul put his development skills to action and came up with what would have to most innovative gauge and closing system since disc planters have been introduced to the market.