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Welcome to Otech Irrigation Australia

Otech Irrigation is the Australian based operation for Otech, the largest European manufacturer of Centre Pivot and Lateral Move irrigation systems.

Otech Irrigation began trading in Australia in 2002, and have installed Otech Centre Pivot and Lateral Move irrigators all over Australia and New Zealand. From potatoes in Gippsland, pasture in northern Victoria, vegetables in New Zealand, wheat in the Riverina, cotton in north-west NSW, or sugar cane in Mackay, Otech irrigators have proven their reliability and performance for Australian conditions.

Well engineered with a robust structure, Otech irrigators are reliable with renowned quality European manufacturing. Otech Irrigation is directly linked with the manufacturer in France, and we work side by side with Otech’s Project Team, and Research and Development, to deliver specific solutions for unique projects.

From our two warehouses, one located in Victoria and one in northern NSW, we are able to provide prompt and professional sales and service. After an on site consultation, we can design a specific Centre Pivot or Lateral Move irrigation system solution for your application, accompanied by a design for pumps, pipes and power requirements.

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Centre Pivot Irrigation Australia

Otech originates from the south-west of France, where trying conditions will test any machine, and which has highly influenced the Otech Centre Pivot design to guarantee operation reliability and long life – making it a sure investment.

Due to the coastal environment, it was a priority for Otech to select a hard wearing steel for the spans, capable of withstanding the sand abrasion channelled by the water. High tensile steel with a high carbon content provides hardness, and ensures a longer life than mild steel which is commonly used in the industry. The structure has been designed to withstand high winds of up to 140km/h, and to operate on undulating terrain up to 20 degrees elevation from one tower to the next.  

Center Pivot Irrigation Design

The Otech Electric Drive Centre Pivot is proven to be more cost effective to run than an oil hydraulic driven alternative, and also more respectful to the environment avoiding serious oil leaks or spills in the middle of a paddock.



Otech span pipes are available in a multitude of lengths ranging from 32 to 62 metres.With a range of 5 different span pipe diameters (from 5″ to 10″), Otech Centre Pivots are professionally custom designed for each application to be a low pressure irrigation system (down to 7 psi at the sprinkler head), reducing your pumping costs.


Otech componentry has been cleverly designed and standardised resulting in limited maintenance, saving you labour, and if required spare parts are very easy to source. The Otech Centre Pivot is available in low, standard and high clearance to suit your crop and application.







How Does Center Pivot Irrigation Work

But most importantly, Otech Centre Pivots are simple and easy to use. At the flick of a switch your machine will do the work for you, saving you labour and time. A control panel with synoptic view, LED lights and icons show the current operational settings of the machine. The tele-mechanic control components have been field tested for 50 million contacts in the harshest climate, and adhere to the strict Australian electrical standards.


As an upgrade from the standard control panel, the Dositech can offer you position and sectoral control, along with remote management control.

Otech Centre Pivots are fitted with the best sprinkler packages of the industry (Nelson and Senninger), to match your soil and crop requirements, and to guarantee a high watering uniformity of up to 98%. Otech Centre Pivots will save you water, and increase your yield.


Center Pivot Irrigation Cost

Having Otech’s Centre Pivot Irrigation system on your farm comes with many advantages. Ranging from uniform water distribution, even during windy conditions, to being operable on sloped surfaces and high durability, Otech’s Center Pivot Irrigation system will be the best investment for your farming business.

With a state-of-the-art controlling mechanism for efficient irrigation, a Centre Pivot Irrigation system gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. The use of highly durable materials, best research and modern technology enables us to create an irrigation system that you can rely upon, even during the most trying times.

Center Pivot Irrigation cost depends upon the scale of your farming business. With an average saving of over USD 2500 as compared to the flood irrigation method, you will end up turning profits year after year, thanks to your Centre Pivot Irrigation System. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to create your custom irrigation solution.

Lateral Move Irrigation Australia

Otech was the first to innovate the Lateral Move to find solutions for all shapes and sizes of paddocks. The Lateral Move is best known for what the name suggests; lateral moving. However, in 1976 Otech’s engineers began to investigate different options, resulting in a Lateral Move that can pivot, follow curves and change direction. Otech has developed a new concept for the Lateral Move, no longer just travelling back and forth, but more versatile than ever making it a cost effective solution to maximise coverage with a minimum number of spans.

Employing the same quality span structure utilised for the Otech Centre Pivot, the Otech Lateral Moves are sturdy and strong, and can be used on slightly undulating ground.

The Otech Lateral Move guidance control, is sensitive and accurate which in turn maintains the tracking of the Lateral Move perfectly. Otech offers 3 types of guidance systems: 


Furrow system – very efficient and cost effective, well suited for a small Lateral Move and pivoting lateral.


Above ground cable system.


Buried ground system – great for both small and large Lateral Moves as components would otherwise be exposed to traffic, stock or wildlife.  

The Otech Lateral Move can be fed by a drag hose connected to a hydrant, or via a channel feed system.


The drag hose can be a lay flat or polyethylene hose, and can vary in diameter from 3″ (up to 435m length) to 8″ (up 140m length) depending on the flow rate. The Otech drag hose cart connection system has been designed for maximum efficiency and to minimise labour. It swivels around 180 degrees performing an automatic back to front hose change, saving operator intervention. 


The channel feed system is a labour and energy saver; no hose shift, and minimum operation pressure (no friction loss through drag hose and underground mainline. This solution is well suited for a high flow Lateral Move when the grade of the paddock is relatively level allowing the construction of an open air channel. Committed to finding solutions for the Australian market, Otech’s R&D has designed and engineered a very functional and reliable channel feed Lateral Move cart; either end feed or centre feed for a Lateral Move or Pivoting Lateral.


Otech has developed a comprehensive range of Lateral Move carts to suit any application, starting from a single span unit to a large 20 span unit in excess of 1000m width:


2 Wheel Lateral Cart


Channel Feed Lateral Cart


Pivoting Lateral Cart

Water Pumps & Pipes in Australia

A Pump Station is the backbone of any irrigation project. Otech Irrigation will design and size your pump/s to best suit your application, matching the flow rate and pressure required to operate your Centre Pivot, Lateral Move or Hard Hose irrigator. We supply Caprari pumps, which are known as the best agricultural European pump brand, and spare parts are widely available in Australia.

We professionally design, supply and install PVC and/or Polypropylene (HDPE) pipeline to feed your irrigation system. We take into consideration the friction rate, water velocity and the elevation of the field to run the irrigation system as efficiently as possible, keeping the pressure requirements and operating costs low.

Agricultural Irrigation Pump

With fast depleting water resources, agriculture as a profession has become challenging. Otech Irrigation provides sustainable solutions for your needs through our customised agricultural irrigation pump system, which ensures your needs are met with total ease. Our Centre Pivot irrigation system is ideal for covering a large area without wasting that precious groundwater.

Our engineers will work with you to figure your requirements and develop your irrigation system that keeps a check on water pressure & flow rate, ensures even distribution and reduce energy costs. With 30 years of experience in producing irrigation systems, Otech Irrigation understands the requirements of modern farmers, and our solutions are created with that in mind.

The irrigation systems produced at Otech Irrigation are ISO certified and will provide efficient service for many years. Our trusted manufacturing process uses high tensile steel to make sure the products can handle all the rigours of farming. At the same time, our electrical systems are robust to withstand the harsh temperatures of the Australian summer.

Pump Systems for Today’s Agricultural Irrigation

As a farmer in Australia, conserving water resources should be your top priority, and Otech Irrigation will help you in your efforts. With our ultra-modern yet durable pumping systems, you can rest assured about the efficient irrigation of your crops with the help of well researched techniques.

Otech Irrigation also takes care of the network of pipelines that feed your irrigation system. We undertake the crucial aspect of designing and supplying best quality pipes that ensure your crops always get the required irrigation, at the right time.

Our thoroughly researched products are created, keeping in mind efficiency and cost management. With our irrigation systems and water pumps in Australia, farmers can enjoy the best yield from their crops and receive optimum returns on their investment. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our experts today.

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