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About Us

Ag Tech and Machine is the Leading Independent Provider of Services to the Agricultural and Civil industries. We are committed to helping farmers around the world find agricultural technology solutions tailored to their business, needs and challenges.

With many years of unmatched experience and an extensive network of industry partners, no job is too small or too big for the Ag Tech and Machine team, with most of our offerings available across Australia and internationally. 

By utilising the latest technology, we can offer specialist advice, consultation and hardware to farmers around the world from our HQ in Victoria to help make their lives easier and rewards greater.

Our purpose:

“We help great farmers make great use of great technology”
“We help great farmers make optimal use of reward reaping agricultural technology”

About James

Farming is an integral part of James’s identity. Agriculture is in his blood and as he likes to say, you can’t take the farming out of a farmer! 

Growing up on a dairy farm north of Shepparton, James has always been around machinery and farming since a young age, being very hands-on, constantly tinkering and working out in the field. 

He pursued his passion for machinery and farming, leaving school in year 10 to do a trade qualification as a mechanical engineer. 

While doing his qualification, James worked for a small farm repair and equipment manufacturing business, as well as for other farmers and contractors; before shifting and working at a large manufacturing facility in Shepparton, focusing on their in-house engineering and repairs. 

After finishing his trade, he returned to the family farm as an employee working in the dairy business. As business grew, the farm then transitioned into broadacre farming with James transitioning into management for six years, where he did all of their precision agriculture technology (autosteering, repairs, technical support etc.) in-house. 

It was then he realised there was a big gap between the agricultural technology world and the on-farm world. With a lot of high-level agricultural technology out there but not many farmers who could see the opportunities and growth pathways with ag tech, there was a missing link to bring farm businesses and OEM technology providers together practically. 

Driven by this realisation, he left the farm and worked at T3RRA, a software based company specialising in water management, irrigation and drainage design. Working in a support and development role, he worked with clients around the world (including USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand). 

Constantly being the middleman of getting the farmers’ needs into a format that works for the software programmer, the missing link between farmers and agricultural technology became more apparent – a service provider who possesses a holistic and broad view of the agricultural technology industry and can help farmers make accurate ag tech decisions tailored to their business and needs.

From this, he launched Ag Tech and Machine in early 2021 to resolve this gap, remaining as independent as possible to focussing solely on solutions for the farmers. When a farmer goes to a machinery dealership, they may be fed with sales tactics. Whereas at Ag Tech and Machine, if a farmer has a specific struggle or challenge that needs to be met, James is committed to find a solution for them. 

Technical Services

Here at Ag Tech and Machine, we provide a specialised range of technical services across Australia and around the world to help farmers optimise their machinery and land.

These include but are not limited to:

  • GPS Guidance Data Management
  • File Conversions
  • Water Management
  • Agricultural Surveying
  • Installation, Repairs and set up