Hybrid AC/DC Solar Pump 4200l.hr or 120m max head run off mains/ generator or solar

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Hybrid Solar Pumping Systems Auto AC/DC

At Commodore Australia, we continually seek out new & innovative alternative energy products and technology.

Our latest in solar pumping solutions is the new Hybrid Auto AC/DC range with advanced technology & simplicity. The Hybrid range offers great cost saving potentials for both stock & domestic and irrigation use, including 24 hour pumping applications.

Amongst other new features, the motors on hybrid range of pumps can be connected to either solar panels or mains power. When using the system monitor – the pump can run from solar power during the day & automatically switch to mains power in the evening or poor weather (system monitor sold separately). Also the low water sensor is built into the motor, eliminating the need to run an extra sensor & cable.

Model 4.2-120 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

•Maximum Flow Rate – 4.2m3 or 70L/min with no head resistance (see curve graph above for head & flow performance range)
•Maximum Head Pressure – 120m or 174PSI (where flow drops to 0)
•Motor Power – 1HP or 750w
•Motor & Pump Outer Diameter – 4″
•Pump Outlet Size – 1.25″ BSP
•Maximum Solar Array Voc – 440v
•Recommended Solar Vmp range – 90v – 360v

Included Components
•1HP / 750w Motor / Controller & SS Multi-stage Pump head 4SP2-18
•Solar panels (if ordered –) ** $2650 inc gst NO SOLAR Panels or $3980 inc gst and 6x 250w solar panels to suit
•10m Solar panel extension lead with MC4 connectors one end
•Weatherproof solar isolator switch
•Wiring connection guide

4.2-120 flow table

Motor & Controller Features
•Connect either mains/generator AC power OR Solar DC power to the same motor wires (not at the same time – this can be done using the system monitor)
•Ultra-wide Solar input voltage range – from 90Vmp-360Vmp
•Connect up to ~ 3kW of solar panels
•Solar array Open Circuit Voltage – 440 VOC
•Up to 2.2kW (2200w) output power
•Internal low water protection – no need to run an extra sensor & cable down to the pump
•Brushless DC permanent magnet motors – optimal efficiency, torque & reliability
•Operating range of 500-3400 RPM – variable frequency control for improved low light performance
•Soft Start – increases pump and motor life & reduces start-up current draw
•Full Protection features: Over-voltage, Over-current, Reverse polarity, Over-head, Lost phase and Under-voltage
•Double shielded motors with ceramic bearings – no mechanical seals, reduced internal friction, better rotor cooling & temperature stability
•Strong stainless steel 304 construction
•Easy set-up with basic installations requiring only the included switch between the solar panels & the pump and a float switch in the tank if required.

Optional System Monitor Features
•Dual Power Input – connect both solar panels and mains or generator power in the monitor
•Automatic Solar priority, switching to AC power in low light – widens the potential for cost saving hybrid solar pumping applications
•Float sensor or Pressure switch input – for automated pumping systems

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Hybrid AC/DC Solar Pump 4200l.hr or 120m max head run off mains/ generator or solar
  • Hybrid AC/DC Solar Pump 4200l.hr or 120m max head run off mains/ generator or solar


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