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Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $4,000,000.00
Status : For Sale
Location : Baradine, North West Slopes & Plains, NSW/ACT
Category : Rural Property, Rural Business
Listing Date : 23/02/2022, 12:09pm


This Business, offered for sale, includes Land, Buildings, Storage facilities, Manufacturing Equipment, Trade Names, Intellectual Property, on a “Walk in, Walk out Basis”

Location: Baradine, NSW

Some plant and equipment used in conjunction with the above Business is also available for sale.

Executive Summary:
Sweetbulk P/L is a stockfeed manufacturing plant at Baradine, North West NSW on 5 Ha (12.5 Acres) of land.

Bypass Stockfeeds has been in operation since November 1989, (30 years), under present management, and commenced producing a number of products, which are still popular today.

In 1997 the mill commenced oat dehulling and introduced the sweetbulk range of horse feeds to utilize oat hulls a byproduct generated as a result of the dehulling process.

Today the mill produces a number of products including Drylicks, Feedlot Concentrates, Total Feedlot Rations, Weaner and Calf rations as well as dehulling oats to produce Groats for the bird seed industry.

The Company has developed 3 main production lines, over the years, to produce products to adapt to changing markets and seasonal conditions

Unique Selling Points:
* This Business is very good when others are struggling with bad climatic conditions in the rural industry. Business is good in normal seasons. Production feeding as opposed to drought feeding.
* The management has always endeavoured to provide good service, minimum production times for Orders and prompt follow up of any problems. (Testimonials below).
* Sweetbulk P/L has developed a suite of products to suit all seasonal conditions in the Ruminant, Equine and Birdseed industries.
*The Company has undertaken major upgrades of the following:
> The Batching System has been replaced by a PLC controlled Proportional Flow System to reduce production time, eliminate a key production person, reduce contamination and halve production time by eliminating the “batching” of the Products. The new switchboards and PLC operation streamline the production of approximately 25 different products.
> Oat Hulling Production Line has been upgraded with a new state of the art Huller from USA, a closed circuit aspirator and large indent cylinders for primary separation. A paddy table is used for final separation. New electrical switch boards including Motor Control Centre and VSD’s have also been installed.
> The Sweetbulk /Calf production plant is a complete new production line with new switch boards and PLC control.
** Products Ruminant animals
** Drylicks - 1993. Since then there have been a number of low intake drylick type products developed to suit all seasons. Urea type supplements for the old rough dry grass (very low protein) through to the high calcium / magnesium / phosphorous licks for lush green feed, and Midseason for conditions in between.
* Feedlot Concentrates Bypass Stockfeeds produces a number of feedlot concentrates to suit feedlot requirements of performance and economy. These products provide all micro ingredients required for feedlot rations and give very good acidosis and water belly (wether lambs) control when used at the recommended rate. Feedlot rations are available in 3 different inclusion rates ie Mineral Mix 2.5% Feedlot Concentrate 5% and Bypass S + R at 10% (Extra protein for young rapidly growing weaner type stock)
* Total Rations are produced to supply the local community with access to a total feed including rolled grain to feedlot, or supplementary feed on green crop, small numbers of sheep or cattle in preparation for Market. These products contain all the ingredients and advantages of the feedlot concentrates but with the addition of rolled grain and roughage in varying proportions to suit the end result required. Ie For the beef or Lamb meat markets or stud animal conditioning for show and sale.
* Calf and Lamb is a unique product for the very early weaning of calves and lambs and contains high levels of undegraded protein and protected lipids for the very young and rapidly growing animal.

Sweetbulk Horsefeed:
This is also a unique product that has no genuine competitor in the equine market, being a fully balanced, high roughage, moist, total maintenance ration for mature horses. This product can, and is, used as the foundation of higher performance diets by adding concentrates to it. This product being a stabilized high moisture product creates a dust free, highly palatably diet with a very attractive aroma at a lower, correct cost formulation than comparable rations.

Groats (Dehulled or Hulled Oats)
Milling quality oats are dehulled in this plant using a new hulling mill purchased and imported from USA. After dehulling ie removal of the hull / husk from the kernel, the hulls are aspirated off and the remaining kernel proceeds through a number of grading and separating processes to end with 2 products groats (whole kernels) and groat chips (cracked or damaged groats) and a byproduct Oat Hulls.

This byproduct is used in house to make our horse product Sweetbulk and also provides an ideal roughage for our Total Rations.

Research and Development:
Sweetbulk Production Plants and Licence to Produce:
A number of requests have been made to setup new plants in Australia and overseas. It is anticipated that these plants be setup and purchased by the operator. Sweetbulk P/L would issue a licence to operate using Sweetbulk Technology, know how, logos and packaging. A licence fee would by negotiated and signed licence agreement with all safe guards protecting this technology. Any Licence agreements and funds generated by this arrangement would stay with the Company Sweetbulk P/L.

Calf Ration to Japan:
Two stockfeed companies in Hokkaido Japan have show keen interest in 2 of our products, sweetbulk and calf and lamb, during a trade visit to Hokkaido with Austrade.

Both products have had bags designed and translated into Japanese, ready for manufacture and printing.

Sweetbulk into the recreational horse industry and the calf ration to early weaned dairy calves in under cover feedlots for long term feedlotting. This product is to be trialed to reduce the consumption of very expensive, imported, milk replacers.

This project has been put on hold due firstly, the drought (shortage of suitable raw materials) and then Covid 19.

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