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13,922 Ha Property at Alawoona in the SA Mallee For Sale

$11,500,000.00 + GST($12,650,000.00 Inc. GST)


Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $11,500,000 + GST  ($12,650,000 Inc. GST)
Location : Alawoona, Murraylands, SA
Category : Rural Property, Mixed Farms
Listing Date : 02/02/2017, 01:05am
Listing No. : 29998 (801 views)
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Cropping this season 4,858 ha. ( 12,000 acres )
Grazing 5,085 ha. (12,560 acres )
Heritage Scrub 4,048 ha. (10,000 acres )

Great Murray Mallee country, well established older farming land.

This exceptional property has been expertly and professionally developed over the past 40 years.
Broadleaf weeds and grasses have been consistently controlled, promoting strong medic and natural strong stockfeed. The property is gently undulating sandy / loam over clay, with some small patches of limestone, with areas of stock shelter left standing in appropriate areas.
Billiat Conservation Park joins the southern boundary, and wildlife is restricted from the farming property by the 25 km kangaroo proof fence. Average rainfall is 275 mm, and is suited to this type of country, which is noted for its moisture retention qualities
The improvements to this very exciting property are all in tip top condition, and a credit to the current owner. No expense has been spared, and all improvements are exemplary.

Infrastructure Includes:
* 3 houses
* 2 Bulk Fert sheds (100ft x 30ft) & (60ft x 30ft) Cement floors
* 2 Shearing sheds
* 5 sets of yards
* 30 metre weigh bridge
* Office
* 2 Grain Sheds (4000/mt & 2500/mt)
* 1 Bunker (8000/mt)
* 34 x 70/mt silos (2380/mt)
* 26 x 90/mt silos (2340/mt)
* 2 x 800/mt silos (1600/mt)
Total Grain Storage (20820/mt)
* Machinery Sheds 1 x 200ft x 70ft, 1 x 360ft x 50ft, 2 x 100ft x 40ft, 2 x 100ft x 50ft, 1 x 100ft x 70ft, 1 x 80ft x 50ft, 1 x 150ft x 30ft, 1 x 200ft x 50ft


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