John Deere 4230 Linkage "Old John"

  • No Longer For Sale
  • Price: $ 13,250.00
  • Price Excludes GST ($14,575.00 Inc GST)
  • Qty: 1 unit
    Unit Price: $ 13,250.00
  • Location: Lockhart, Riverina, NSW/ACT
  • Listed on: 19/06/2017 16:47PM
  • Listing No.: 34398 (774 views)

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Sadly it is time to part with "Old John" my trusty 4230.
He was my first tractor and still serves me faithfully and reliably but doesn't have much to do anymore.
He is becoming collectable and would be a good doer-upper for anyone so inclined.
He has been fitted up with triple ISO remotes off a 50 series (and so takes standard hydraulic tips), as well as JD 3pl, and has new front rubber and sound Firestone radials at the rear.
I remember when I got him. I was as pleased as Punch, an air conditioned cabin! Compared to the locally sourced recycled phone boxes they tried to pass off as cabins, it was amazing!
That was back in the days you could get as much done swapping one tractor from the combine to the home-made boom spray as you can now, with a fleet of money magnets all hitched up to troublesome monstrosities with about 100 tyres all trying to go flat at once.
However, having been hung out to dry for 12 days mid cropping by local lettuce and cheese dealer last year, costing me half my crop, I have decided to palm off my green and yellow inventory, rather than rely on those who cannot be relied upon. I don't expect the competition will be any better but some things leave a sour taste. I digress.
He has a few things that need fixing. The aircon gas has leaked out from sitting. There is no top link. The roof lining is good but the lower cab lining needs replacing. Maybe some rubbers in the pump drive coupling and all the usual oil leaks of course...
Happy trails old friend.

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John Deere 4230 Linkage "Old John"
  • John Deere 4230 Linkage "Old John"
  • John Deere 4230 Linkage "Old John"
  • John Deere 4230 Linkage "Old John"