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Munro Tele-Sett Post Driver

$17,060.00 + GST($18,766.00 Inc. GST)


Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $17,060 + GST  ($18,766 Inc. GST)
Location : Ballarat, Central, VIC
Category : Machinery & Equipment, Post Drivers
Listing Date : 22/03/2021, 01:02pm
Listing No. : 83041 (284 views)
Date Sold : 05/05/2021, 10:23am


  • Condition: New
  • Make: Munro

Munro Tele-Sett Post Driver The machine for those in need of specialist tall facing post work.  All the features of the Multi-Sett Machine, PLUS the ability to drive extra long posts and to drive them deep. In its retraction form - No taller than the Multi-Sett - This added flexibility is gained at no sacrifice in power, rigidity or stability. The longer post is driven with the same ease and accuracy as the standard machine. The mast height setting is infinitely variable throughout its movement range and can be adjusted at any time during operation by the operation of a single lever. When set, it is hydraulically locked - there can be no creep or jam while working in extended mode. Large stabilising pads assure a firm base for the machine in ay conditions. Suits tractors of 40kW (60HP) and over, due to the extra weight and stabiiity. The Control panel is an enlarged version of the Multi-Sett with the same ergonomic approach to lever movement and control. Labor saving, all weather system is easy to operate. Its speed and accuracy of setting make it extremely cost effective. Enquire for extra options including pricing on Augers & Cutters and Side Shift.


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