Palou TVC-350 Out Loader

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  • Location: Swan Hill, Mallee, VIC
  • Listed on: 03/05/2017 16:22PM
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1. DISCHARGE AUGER: Built in one piece, folds low and forward for transport. Being one piece means less grain damage, and significantly reduced auger wear and reduced power consumption overall.

2. OVERHEAD TRANSMISSION OF LOADING WORM: Allows the lower part of the discharge auger to remain in line with the sweep augers so that everything facing the grain is moving, reducing resistance to the Extractor movement backwards, particularly when encountering rotten grain at the bottom of the bag.

3. LOW-HEIGHT ROLLER: The efficient overhead central feeder system to the sweep augers and drive to the main pipe allows the bag roller reel to operate at very low height without causing grain to be caught up with the bag, and reducing the amount of grain left at the end of the bag emptying process.

Prevent wrapping of bag around the axle if the machine moves excessively to either side.

5. HYDRAULIC CONTROLS: Requires only a single hydraulic circuit that is controlled by a by-pass valve for each control; volume regulating valve modifies bag rolling speed. Both controls are on a dashboard easily accessed by the operator without needing to get off the tractor to make changes.

6. BAG ROLLER TRANSMISSION: Fully protected; with automatic uncoupling system that disconnects the roller from the transmission by merely rotating it anti-clockwise approximately one turn to remove the bag, without requiring the operator to get off the tractor.

These are disengaged very simply and quickly to rotate to The forward/back position to reduce transport width and for final emptying of the bag.

8. SWEEP AUGER TRANSMISSION: Ball bearings, bedframe seals and transmission box seals are fully insulated from grain to reduce wear and breakage. Drive and disengage positions are both external/mechanical and do not intrude into the transmission.

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Palou TVC-350 Out Loader
  • Palou TVC-350 Out Loader
  • Palou TVC-350 Out Loader
  • Palou TVC-350 Out Loader


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