Merino Rams CAWDOR Blood

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  • Price: $ 1,200.00
  • Price Excludes GST ($1,320.00 Inc GST)
  • Qty: 1 Head
    Unit Price: $ 1,200.00
  • Location: Maryborough, North Central, VIC
  • Listed on: 21/12/2019 13:24PM
  • Listing No.: 64976 (196 views)
More Information
  • Breed: Merino
  • Ear Tag Year and Color: 2018 - Orange

AI bred from TOP Rockbank rams with "STUD" ewe mob average of 19.5 micron (2 Sires 1 Poll and 1 Horned). These rams are May 2018 drop so are big for their age.
Heavy wool cutting bright white wool, large frame sheep with soft loose skin makes them good combing easy shearing, very productive sheep.
Mob selected for many years for longevity, productivity, good feet, worm resistance, breeding ability and heavy fleeces of sound bright well nourished white wool.
Price range Flock: $1,200.00 / 2nd Grade: $1,800.00 Top Grade: $2,500.00
No lice, foot, dermatitis or major fly problems seen for many years on this property.
Private sale only.

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Merino Rams CAWDOR Blood
  • Merino Rams CAWDOR Blood
  • Merino Rams CAWDOR Blood
  • Merino Rams CAWDOR Blood


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