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Suffolk ewes station mated

$185.00 + GST ($203.50 Inc. GST)

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Quantity : 27 Units
Unit Price : $185.00 + GST  ($203.50 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : Barwang, Central West Slopes & Plains, NSW/ACT
Category : Livestock, Sheep - Ewes
Listing Date : 05/06/2024, 01:55pm
Date Sold : 16/06/2024, 02:50pm


Breed: Suffolk

Drop/Year: Mixed Age

Average Live Weight: 78

Vendor Breed: No

How long have stock been in your ownership ?: 6-12 months

State: NSW/ACT

District: Central West Slopes & Plains

Place/Town of origin: Young

Has this lot been joined?: Yes

Joining details & Qty: 9 week joining

Depasturished Month: 4

Breed of Ram: Suffolk

Preg Tested/Scanned: No

Multiples Qty: 0

Singles Qty: 0

Empty Qty: 0

Any Health treatments or Vaccination: Q drench 01/06/24 7 in 1 01/06/24

PIC No: NC634818

Great starter flock, 24 black suffolk yellow tag and red tag ewes joined to pure Suffolk stud ram, due to lamb early to mid July, 3 ram included.,
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