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*366 Dohne Ewes with 460 White Suffolk Lambs*

$360.00 + GST($396.00 Inc. GST)


Quantity : 366 Units
Unit Price : $360 + GST  ($396 Inc. GST)
Location : Nathalia, Northern Country, VIC
Category : Livestock, Sheep - Ewes & Lambs
Listing Date : 08/07/2020, 12:01am
Listing No. : 72712 (173 views)
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  • Breed:
  • Drop/Year: 2016 - Black
  • Average Live Weight: 65kg
-366 Dohne ewes with 460 White Suffolk Lambs.
-70% yellow tags and 30% Black tags.
-65kg Ave liveweight. Big frame ewes.
-460 White Suffolk Lambs at foot. 25kg average.
-Rams used where from Pepperton white suffolks stud (Elmore), bought on Small birth weight and highest 200 Day weight gain.
-35mm wool length on ewes.
-Shorn 20th March.
-All lambs and ewes Drenched with Q Drench and 6-1 B12 on the 15th June.
-Lambs sex marked M and F.
-Currently in barley, have cereal hay and 250 grams grain per day.


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