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Dairy Goat Kids, Pairs Only, Doeling and Wether Pair or whole starter herd of 8 available

Buyer Pays $73.18 ($80.50 Inc. GST) Sellers Price ($68.18 + GST) Buyers Fee ($5 + GST) *No Seller Fees apply

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Quantity : 2 Units
Unit Price : $73.18 + GST  ($80.50 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : Berriwillock, Mallee, VIC
Category : Livestock, Goats
Listing Date : 09/10/2023, 11:29pm


Listed by: Private

Breed: Saanen

Drop/Year: 2023

Average Live Weight: 5

Baby dairy goats, sold per pair, includes doeling with wether pair. Also available as whole herd of 8. Born mid Aug 2023. Parents are purebred, but bred with different dairy breeds. We have baby Toggenburg x British Alpine, Anglo Nubian x British Alpine, Anglo Nubian x Saanen. Great hobby farm milking goats. Not suitable for meat. Some will require follow on bottle feeding once daily, consisting of cows milk, cream and evaporated milk. They will not drink commercial formula powdered milk. Some babies are very tame due to bottle feeding, some require more closer interaction with humans. As this has been my first year of goat care, disbudding has been partially successful, but there are some obvious scurs or miniature horns. Vaccinated with Glanvac..Goats require deer fencing height ideally. They are being weaned onto adult food, including;
Mornings: Oaten/lucerne chaff, plus lupins or field peas and good quality barley hay. 2 to 3 babies will drink 300 mls of milk each. Topped up with hay after breakfast. Pasture forage, but getting dry so not much left in yard.
Lunchtime: Hay and pasture, plus natural forage such as Acacia ‘needle leaf’ menzeii? or acacia Blackwood wattle.
Tea time: Soaked Speedibeet (beetroot flakes), sometimes more field peas given but not always. Barley hay is always available in their feeder. Some babies will drink 300 mls of milk at tea time if they missed out in the morning.
I feed grain and legumes to the pregnant does in last trimester and during milking only. (Wethers should apparently not have grain or pure lucerne hay chaff after 6 months of age due to risk of urinary calculi).
I mix field peas with wheat for milkers, which the babies can nibble on if they are in the same feeding pen as their mothers, but I don’t encourage it otherwise. I find that a good quality horse pellet such as tru gain or metasafe is a better choice for our goats. Metasafe by hygain contains no grain and is soy bean/canola meal based, which is nutritious and filling. They are also given copper boluses once yearly and a goat mineral block, which they don’t like much at all!
Located in Berriwillock 3531 NW mallee area is 15 mins from Sea Lake, 40 mins from Swan Hill, 30 mins from Birchip. As we are a not for profit Sanctuary, we ask that you provide as much information about your property as possible, to ensure long term sustainability of ethical care for our much loved goat babies. Thank you
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