Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale

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  • Location: Romsey, North Central, VIC
  • Listed on: 10/06/2019 15:15PM
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  • Breed: Wagyu
  • Age: Various
  • Average Live Weight: Various

Full blood Wagyu Bulls for sale - These are registered (stud) bulls with full pedigree details traceable back to original Japanese blood lines. You've probably heard or read the stories about the meat quality produced from Wagyu cattle, the record prices being paid for Wagyu infused beef and Wagyu cattle and genetics..

Breeding age bulls available with various bloodlines, EBV's and qualities that are suitable for Full Blood Wagyu production or for joining to Angus or other breeds in an F1 program - some bulls offered were specifically bred for these cross breeding applications to infuse marbling and Eye Muscle into calves of other breeds.

All bulls are DNA tested and profiled, DNA Parent verified, 7 in 1 Vaccinated, Vibrovax Vaccinated, fertility tested, and Freeze branded. All bulls have Breedplan data collected under paddock conditions (not grain fed) so buyers can be confident bulls will perform under similar conditions. Bulls available to suit many applications with a range of prices from $2000.

Semen from selected bulls also available.

Prices on application. For more information go to www.lisheenwagyu.com.au

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Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale
  • Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale
  • Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale
  • Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale
  • Wagyu Full Blood (Stud) Bulls for sale


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