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Woolpress - Lyco Powertech "S" Fully Refurbished

$12,850.00 + GST($14,135.00 Inc. GST)


Quantity : 2 Units
Unit Price : $12,850 + GST  ($14,135 Inc. GST)
Location : Hamilton, South West, VIC
Category : Livestock Equipment, Woolpresses
Listing Date : 24/05/2018, 07:53pm
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Lyco - Powertech "S" 1996

This press comes complete with lift up safety doors on either side. This feature prevents operation of the press unless both safety doors are closed - allowing safe, damage free use.

Also included - new digital Scales

All hydraulic, mechanical and electronic componentry has been fully refurbished, serviced and tested by our woolpress specialists:
- Re-sealed cylinders and valves
- Drained and flushed hydraulic tank
- Replaced hydraulic oil filters
- New hydraulic oil
- Checked hydraulic pumps (repaired/replaced if required)
- Checked electric motor, bearings and capacitors (replaced/repaired if required)
- Sandblasted and repainted in original colours including stickers
- Safety bars fitted
- New digital scale kit fitted
- Tested with a 204kg bale of crossbred wool

This press not only looks new, but feels new too!

*Photo displayed is of same model press previously refurbished. Actual press begins refurbishment upon confirmation of sale.
** Press will be in 'as new' condition fully serviced, recondition and tested - ready to work.
*** 12 Months Warranty, or up to and including first shearing.


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