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New BreedELITE Smart Draft’n’Weigh System Inc Shipping

$30,800.00 + GST ($33,880.00 Inc. GST)

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Condition: New

Make: BreedELITE

* This is a fully-fledged automatic sheep drafter complete with weighing cells and EID panels plus data management software. It is ready to go right out of the box.
* Shipping to nearest depot is included
* Also included is one year's subscription for the software. (The price for the software is $300/yr ex GST, unlocks features & updates but doesn’t have to be paid, subject to change and not locked in for perpetuity).
* The tablets are super robust, military grade and run so much better than using your own computer. They are meant for the yards and it is much more portable and multi-use than a scalehead
* Current lead time is 8 weeks

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The Drafter:
* Australian made using Australian steel
* Hot dip galvanised construction to last a lifetime
* Highly portable design
* IP67 components
* Rapid feed technology
* Whisper quiet operation for low stress on animals
* Fully isolated weigh system for easy installation

The Computer:
* They have -29°C to +63°C operating temperature range and have a sealed fan for dusty environments
* The screen is specifically designed for use outside in sunny conditions, no screen glare!
* You can use finger, glove or pen (attached to tablet by lanyard) to control the screen
* There is 3yrs accidental damage warranty (even if you drop it or a sheep breaks it)
* There are no magnets for critical connections so metal shavings aren’t an issue
* It has a great 10hr battery life, but also has hot-swappable batteries (can change batteries whilst using it)
* Every component has been designed for tough-environment use, not uni-student use
* Has a dedicated ‘raining mode’ so you will be able to draft even when its spitting rain*
* The tablet must be inverted and the USB port on the bottom edge used and all other ports closed

The software:
* Our drafter is unique in that it is controlled by the BreedELITE Sheep Software. The software is housed on an ultra-rugged computer that is dust proof, shower proof and built for yard conditions.
* Easily see how many animals you have at each weight after the job and overall in list and graph format
* Because the drafter is software controlled, this means there is no downloading and uploading of session files, simply unplug the computer and off you go.
* Use the same computer for auctions plus or farm tender, using excel, mail, or any other function you may want, or simply analyse your data and plan your next jobs without needing to be anywhere near the drafter itself.
* Easily draft animals on EID data, weight data (with or without EIDs) and more
* The software has a yearly subscription, and this is highly recommended, but it doesn’t stop you using your drafter if you do not wish to subscribe

Why pay the subscription?
* You will get updates over time, this improves functionality, gives you more value for money and a better ROI. For example, an update planned for this version is to be able to do vendor declarations straight from the software after drafting
* You will get access to advanced features (eg. features that interface with outside companies or features that aren’t core to weighing and drafting. If in doubt, please ask us)
* You can upgrade to the stud or commercial version of the software at any time if you want to start more advanced data collection, simply pay the upgrade fee, receive 1yrs subscription, and roll into the new subscription level. BreedELITE works with hundreds of sheep farmers across Australia with data collection and making money from EID no matter their enterprise type
* You do not need to buy a new scalehead to increase capability (no outgrowing) as the brains is all software, simply upgrade to a higher software level (it also means support is always relevant). You pay the upgrade fee (~$3k) and aren’t stuck with an old scalehead and now get a more capable system.
* You will get extended warranties on components beyond the standard warranty!

If you don’t pay the subscription?
* You will still be able to weigh sheep, add new sheep, draft on EID only data (eg mobs or paddocks), and use all basic functions of the software.
* You will not receive updates to the software
* You will not be able to use advanced features (for example the eNVD function)
* You will not get extended warranties
* You will not get access to deals/discounts for accessorising your drafter (eg. You will pay full price)

* At BreedELITE, we have created a practical, low-cost Precision Sheep Management System, enabling progressive producers to implement better decisions based on data, not guesswork

If you don’t have the BreedELITE Smart Draft’n’Weigh System you probably:
* Weigh sheep as infrequently as possible because it’s too hard or labour isn’t available
* Are guessing at what feeds/paddocks/bloodlines/suppliers are giving the highest production
* Rely on your stock agent to draft sheep and possibly still draft by eye
* Feel at the mercy of the market and don’t have an ability to forward contract or navigate opportunities
* Don’t know what sheep are doing what until you get your kill sheet and have surprises with penalties
* Can’t adapt individual sheep management and feeding to their growth journey to get the most out of them
* Don’t have a system that can scale over time to navigate mandatory govt regulations and increased reporting requirements that are coming

So ask yourself these questions:
* What if you knew the individual performance and productivity of every sheep on the property and how they compare to each other?
* How would that change your ability to make profitable decisions?
* If your business was making more profitable decisions each year, what would it mean for you? More time with family? More holidays? More money to reinvest back into the farm?
* What you do with it is up to you, that’s the beauty of being in total control of your data and your sheep enterprise. This is what life as a BreedELITE Sheep Farmer looks like.

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