Citrus Pulp

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  • Location: Adelaide , Adelaide & Mt.Lofty Ranges, SA
  • Listed on: 15/07/2020 07:21AM
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More Information
  • Bale Type: Compressed
  • Covering: Not covered
  • Protein (%): 7.5
  • ME (%): 12.5
  • NDF: 20.0

Citrus Pulp provides an economical and unique source of energy in a highly palatable co-product stock feed.
Citrus Energy offers high energy without causing sub acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) commonly resulting from high starch feeds. Since SARA acidosis is considered a major cause of low milk production and low butter fat percentage. Citrus Pulse includes three main sources apart from energy;
• Highly Digestible Fibre • Pectin
• Soluble sugars
Citrus Pulp complements high protein grasses. Citrus Pulse breaks down at the same rate as the soluble protein found in pasture grasses, improving efficiency and increased milk production.
Improves Silage. Citrus Pulp is especially suitable for ensiling in combination with high protein crops as it improves the availability of Digestible Energy in the silage; retention of juices containing valuable nutrients and more effective bacterial fermentation.
Available SA and some districts in VIC.

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Citrus Pulp
  • Citrus Pulp


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