Hay Saver Plus Pellets

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More Information

Hay Saver Plus Pellets are useful as a supplement when:
• Pasture availability is limited;
• Availability of forage sources, such as hay or straw, is limited;
• The cost of forage sources is high

Hay Saver Plus Pellets are ideal to feed as a supplement to:
• Help extend the stock of hay and forage sources currently on hand
• Provide a low starch, moderate energy supplement for feeding on an ‘every-other-day’ basis;
• Support moderate growth rates in growing stock;
• Reduce feed wastage

Hay Saver Plus Pellets:
• are convenient, easy to use, easy to store
• are consistent in nutrient specification - 14% Crude Protein; 11 MJ ME/kg (DM Basis)

Hay Saver Plus Pellets can be offered in either a self-feeder, or trail fed to stock. They are suitable for cattle and sheep. If offered on an "ad-lib" basis we recommend feeding with an "ad-lib" source of effective fibre.

Available ex-mill in bulk & bulka bags, or delivered (bulk only).

Price is bulk, ex-mill Barham

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Hay Saver Plus Pellets
  • Hay Saver Plus Pellets


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