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NutriMAX PhosCal

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Status : For Sale
Location : Alfredton, Central, VIC
Category : Fertiliser, Others
Listing Date : 06/04/2021, 06:57pm
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NutriMAX PhosCal

***Price is ex Adelaide per 800L Shuttle***

Phos Cal - Micronised Calcium 26% Phosphorus 12% Silica 7% Boron 1.5% Complexed with Fulvic 2%

Results in greater yield potential and qualityacross crop types.
The formula has an ideal bionutrient sequence for plant uptake of nutrients.
Maintain ideal plant pH balance when phosphorus is alkalised with calcium.
Silica aids plants natural response to pest and disease pressure.

• Calcium and silica build cell strength for improved plant health, produce quality and natural response to pest and disease
• Efficient plant uptake with natural fulvic chelation.
• Silica and boron synergise with calcium and improve its uptake by plants, the start of bionutrient sequencing.
• Excellent P source for legumes and pulses.
• Micronised minerals complexed with fulvic allows high concentrations of normally incompatible nutrients to be held in

Essential Plant Nutrients teamed with Easy Application Guano in a micronised form provides nutrient density to plants that is
highly plant available, ensuring plant growth and productivity results. High in phosphorus with calcium, silica and boron as well as many other trace minerals plus a powerful fulvic chelate. Optimal delivery of this nutrient combination is
made possible through advanced fertiliser technology to create a low viscosity suspension designed to be free-flowing.

Available in 5L,10L, 200L & 800L.. Check label for more application and handling info.

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