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  • Location: Young, Riverina, NSW/ACT
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More Information

Causmag is producer of high grade Magnesium compounds based in Young NSW. We have stock pile of Magnesium-rich dolomite lumps with the following mentioned below typical specifications:
(Carbonate basis, %) Dolomite
MgCO3 44.0-77.2
CaCO3 4.9-44.2
SiO2 3.5-11.1
Fe2O3 1.3-3.0
Al2O3 1.0
Loss on ignition 39.5-44.4
The product is in the form of lumps sized 20-300 mm that need to be screened, crushed, sorted and can be used by blending with other dolomite products. Our dolomite is magnesite rich and this will be a benefit compared to other dolomite which are lime rich. The size of our stockpile is about 30,000 metric tonnes (MT). We can offer this product at $20/ton + GST ex-mines

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