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$1,000.00 + GST ($1,100.00 Inc. GST)

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Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $1,000.00 + GST  ($1,100.00 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : ROSEBERY, Sydney Metropolitan, NSW/ACT
Category : Fertiliser, Organic Fertilisers
Listing Date : 04/06/2024, 01:38pm


Revitalise your soil and skyrocket your yield with our natural zeolite! This powerhouse mineral boosts nutrient absorption by plants, ensuring a vibrant garden that lasts. It's a sustainable solution that stands the test of time for maximum productivity! Our Zeolite is derived from ancient volcanic ashes, rich in minerals and with exceptional ion-exchange properties. This natural origin ensures a product free of chemicals.

Available in 3-6mm Granule form (Coated), 2-4mm Chips form and fine Powder Form in 10kg bags.

-1 Pallet in 800kg or 1000kg

Price Powder and Chips:
-$1000 for 800kg exc GST
-$1250 for 1000kg exc GST

Granule form (Coated):
-$1400 for 800kg exc GST

Pick up at Rosebery NSW, 2018

Natural zeolite offers a range of benefits for farms, enhancing both soil quality and overall agricultural productivity. Here are some of the key advantages:

Soil Amendment:
-Improved Water Retention: Zeolite can hold up to 60% of its weight in water, releasing it slowly to plants as needed, which is particularly beneficial in drought-prone areas.
-Enhanced Soil Structure: By improving the aeration and reducing compaction, zeolite helps create a more favorable environment for root growth and microbial activity.

Nutrient Management:

-Efficient Nutrient Retention: Zeolite's cation exchange capacity allows it to store nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, releasing them slowly over time to prevent leaching and ensure they are available to plants when needed.
-Reduced Fertiliser Costs: By increasing nutrient retention, zeolite can reduce the need for frequent fertiliser applications, lowering operational costs.

Yield Improvement:

-Enhanced Plant Growth: With better water and nutrient availability, plants grown in zeolite-amended soils often exhibit increased growth rates and higher yields.
-Reduced Plant Stress: Zeolite helps maintain moisture and nutrient levels during stressful conditions like drought or high temperatures, supporting plant resilience.

Environmental Benefits:

-Reduction of Runoff and Erosion: By improving soil structure and increasing water infiltration, zeolite helps reduce surface runoff and soil erosion, which are critical issues in sustainable land management.
-Ammonia Capture: Zeolite naturally adsorbs ammonia, reducing nitrogen losses through volatilization and helping maintain a healthier environment for both plants and soil organisms.

Animal Husbandry:

-Odor Control in Animal Enclosures: Zeolite can be used in barns and pens to absorb moisture and reduce odors from animal waste, improving the overall farm environment.
-Feed Additive: When added to animal feed, zeolite can aid in nutrient absorption and reduce instances of diarrhea, improving animal health and reducing veterinary costs.
-By incorporating natural zeolite into farm management practices, farmers can achieve more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective agricultural operations.

Product Information:

Product: Natural Zeolite
Origin: Indonesia

Standard Grades and Specifications:

-Granular: Size 3-6 mm, Color Beige
-Chips: Size 2-4 mm, Color Beige
-Powder: Size 200 mesh, Color Beige
-Packing: 10 kg per bag

Typical Chemical Analysis:

-Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): 68.15% by weight, tested by gravimetric method
-Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3): 12.50% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Calcium Oxide (CaO): 5.7% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 2.5% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Sodium Oxide (Na2O): 4.08% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Potassium Oxide (K2O): 4.05% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3): 3.4% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Manganese (Mn): 0.02% by weight, tested by spectrophotometry
-Phosphorus (P): 0.015% by weight, tested by gravimetric method
-Moisture: 5-8% by weight, tested using a pH meter
-Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): 165 meq Na/100 g, tested by spectrophotometry


The document includes a disclaimer noting that the typical properties listed are averages and that metal listed in the chemical analysis are complexed in the mineral. They do not necessarily exist as free oxides and are based on the most recent testing and offered in good faith as being typical of normal production.

This certificate is a formal document that validates the chemical composition and physical characteristics of the natural zeolite, ensuring it meets certain quality standards and specifications for its intended uses.
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