High Carbon , High Calcium and High Potassium all round compost

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High Carbon , High Calcium and High Potassium all round compost.
Improve fertiliser efficiency and promote/enhance disease resistance in tree and ground crops. Trials have indicated that fertiliser and irrigation inputs can be reduced by25% compared to conventional land standard practices. The key is to enhance your soils Cation Exchange Capacity, Water Holding Capacity ,Water Retention efficiency not to mention boost your soils populations of beneficial microorganisms. Healthy soils, produce healthy roots and root systems. Bigger, stronger and more vigorous root systems venture further, wider and deeper that house and populate greater levels of soil microbiology. These roots systems are more efficient at harvesting soil nutrients/moisture and are more resilient and resistant to pathogen attack and/or environmental stresses .This results in reduced inputs, reduced nutrient loss through leaching, reduced need for fungicides/pesticides and overall increased quality, yield and profitability of the crop.

$70 per tonne plus delivery, no delivery if picked up ex bin
Must order full load ~ 38 tonne for delivery
Significant Discounts on orders greater than 200 Tonne
50% discount for all orders 1,000 Tonne or greater

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