Worm wee and castings

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  • Price: $ 5.00
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  • Qty: 1 unit
    Unit Price: $ 5.00
  • Location: Queanbeyan , ACT, NSW/ACT
  • Listed on: 10/09/2016 13:40PM
  • Listing No.: 25318 (818 views)
More Information

I sell worm wee and castings. In 2litre bottles for 5 DOLLARS worm castings 2kg container for 5 dollars. I also sell castings in 4 kg container for 10 dollars. Worm wee is also sold in 15 litre bottles for 40 dollars. It is a great natural product for your garden.The wee is used to boost the plants and seedlings. The castings are used as a natural soil conditioner.

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