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WHS Soil Enhancer (Wild Harvested Seaweed Soil Enhancing Fertiliser) 1000L IBC

$2,560.00 + GST($2,816.00 Inc. GST)

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Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $2,560.00 + GST  ($2,816.00 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : Williamstown North, Central, VIC
Category : Fertiliser, Liquid Fertiliser
Listing Date : 07/01/2022, 09:41am
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Liquid Seaweed Soil Enhancing Fertiliser. Wild Harvested 100% Australian Seaweed.
Bulk 1000 Litre IBC

+ Produces a higher yield of crop
+ Plant growth stimulant
+ Encourages germination of seeds and root growth
+ Repels slugs and other pests
+ Enriches the soil
+ Contains natural growth hormones
+ Boosts lethargic plants
+ Helps lighten the soil

Our WHS Seaweed Fertiliser uses a diversity of Seaweeds and Kelps which translate to higher levels of trace elements (60+) and higher levels of micro-nutrients. (Species includes Giant Kelp, Common Kelp, Red Seaweed, Brown’s Caulerpa, Cactus Caulerpa, Fern Caulerpa, Sea Lettuce, Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta & Heterokontophyta.) Our WHS Fertiliser uses only Wild Harvested local Seaweed from pristine Victorian waters. This product is an organic and fully sustainable source of marine plant fertiliser and proudly Australian made and owned produced for Aussie farmers. Further product information is available upon request.

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