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UAS - 1000L Shuttles

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Status : For Sale
Location : Elmore, Central, VIC
Category : Fertiliser, Liquid Fertiliser
Listing Date : 20/07/2021, 06:20pm


A simple one pass application of either UAS or High NS will provide your crop
with the nutrients required for increased crop health, encouraged crop growth
and increased yield potential.
• Both have similar cost per unit of nitrogen compared to UAN,
however also contain sulphur.
• UAS is produced in a nitrogen to sulphur ratio of 4:1, a similar ratio to the
nutrient removal of canola.
• High NS™ is produced in a nitrogen to sulphur ratio of 19:1, a closer ratio the
nutrient removal of wheat.
• Sulphur is a building block of protein and a key ingredient in the formation
of chlorophyll. Without adequate sulphur, crops can not reach their full
potential in terms of yield or protein content.
• Both products are compatible with a range of SLTEC’s trace elements and
many agricultural chemicals. Contact SLTEC® for specific compatibility data

UAS Analysis
Nitrogen 26.7%
Sulphur 6.7%

High NS Analysis
Nitrogen 38.0%
Sulphur 2.0%

Application Rates
30 - 60 L/ha with at
least 100 L/ha water
Streaming nozzle
60 - 200L/ha with water as needed

100 - 200 L/ha

Price is Ex Tongala
($250.00 + GST Shuttle Deposit - Will be reimbursed when returned - Conditions apply)

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