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**New Product** BioMAX Vermi-Liquid

$2,410.00 + GST($2,651.00 Inc. GST)

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Developed to provide both microorganisms and organic nutrients to feed and sustain the development of a healthy soil food microbiome once applied. Minimise the amount of fungicide needed to manage plant-based disease.

• Faster and more efficient nutrient uptake capabilities.
• Nutrients applied by way of fertiliser are effectively immobilised and mineralised as the plant requires.
• Phosphorous is unlocked in fixed soils where mineralisation percentages are often low.
• Vermi Liquid includes a range of free living nematodes included to evenly populate the soil minimising the impact of pathogenic nematodes like root knot, spiral or stubby root nematodes.
• Improves Root Health, Root Depth, Water Retention, Soil Aerobic Conditions & Soil Structure means less watering needed and significantly reduces your dependence on traditional fertilisers.

Benefits of Vermi Liquid
Inputs include pure worm cast & composted manures leachate and and various minerals & aminos that result in an end product with a diverse range of microbial life, trace elements, minerals and nutrients. The increased microbial activity results in a greater release of nutrients to the soil, which is the cornerstone to improved crop and plant health.

Available in 20L & 200L Drums and 1000L Shuttles.
Price is for 1000L Shuttle

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