MultiFeed Liquid Fertilizer - 20ltr Drum

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More Information

MultiFeed is an organically based liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner, specifically developed to provide fast acting nutrition for crops and pasture via its combination of seaweed, humates and amino acids.
It’s fast acting benefits include:
• Increased plant growth and vitality
• Promotes flowering and fruit production
• Improves soil structure
• Feeds soil microbes and encourages nutrient absorption.
MultiFeed contains the major NPK nutrients and trace elements in a form which are readily taken up by crops and the humate in MultiFeed has good chelating properties for trace elements, making the nutrients in the soil available for use by plants. It also helps to hold soluble nutrients in sandy soils.

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MultiFeed Liquid Fertilizer - 20ltr Drum
  • MultiFeed Liquid Fertilizer - 20ltr Drum
  • MultiFeed Liquid Fertilizer - 20ltr Drum


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