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HumiPLEX Trace

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Status : For Sale
Location : Elmore, Central, VIC
Category : Fertiliser, Liquid Fertiliser
Listing Date : 24/08/2021, 03:35pm
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7 Trace Elements complexed with Fulvic 2% and Biostimulants
- Zinc 4%, Manganese 3%, Copper 0.7%, Boron 0.4%, Iron 0.3% with Cobalt and Molybdenum
- Plus powerful Fulvic chelation
- Mineral Sulphates for rapid plant absorption
- Natural biostimulant base - making every drop count!
- Balance trace element levels and address deficiencies.
- Molybdenum and cobalt for essential plant functions - improved flower holding / reproduction.
- Fulvic keeps trace element sulphates available for longer.
- Biostimulants to optimise plant health and growth.
- Natural uptake & wetting agents enhance spray efficiency.
- Fulvic buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
- With a CEC of 1500 and tiny molecule size, fulvic provides natural chelation and improved nutrient uptake.

Make Every Drop Count
Nutrient components of liquid fertilisers account for 45-60% of total volume.Normally most of the remaining volume is just water to solubolise the minerals within. HumiPLEX liquids are different. They aremade with amicrobial liquid base containing by-products(metabolites) from beneficialsoil microbes... also known as biostimulants.The product is filled with natural plant growth hormones, vitamins and immune enhancers. We also include fulvic, a natural chelation and uptake agent... The combination primes plants to accept nutrition for improved uptake and efficiency...making every drop count!

Price is Ex Adelaide. 1000L Shuttle.

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