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BioMAX F75 liquid Fulvic Concentrate - Winter Foliar Saving $300 off 1000L Shuttle

$10,880.00 + GST ($11,968.00 Inc. GST)

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Order before 28/6/24 and take delivery by 31/7/24 and Save $300 per 1000L Shuttle

Fulvic Acid 75% – Natural Chelate enhances Nutrient Uptake
- Maximise liquid fertiliser nutrient efficiency.
- Fulvic’s unique ability to form multiple strong bonds with minerals ensures nutrient efficacy and plant uptake.
- Buffer against high salts and other toxicities in water and soil.
- Improve nutrient uptake for stronger plants.
- Trace elements available for a longer period.
- Aids plant recovery from stress due to moisture, disease, frost or heat.
- Promotes natural plant processes of chelation and improved uptake of nutrients.
- Buffers against ‘burning’ with foliar applications.
- Enhances cell reproduction and root growth.
- Can be used during prolonged low sunlight or cloudy periods to enhance photosynthesis.
- Can detoxify pollutants and chemicals in soil and catalyse rapid breakdown of toxins; reducing soil life damage.
- Compatible with most inputs: acid or alkaline (see label)
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