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TPM Mineral Flock Boost Dry Feed.
Pallet of 48 x 25kg bags.
Optimise ewe performance with TPM Flock Boost DRY FEED, a specifically formulated all-in-one mineral supplement that maximises uptake of key nutritional components within the animal while facing the challenges of dry feed palatability and limited nutritional content.
Available in an easy to use loose lick powdered formulation with weather resistant qualities, TPM Flock Boost DRY FEED is specifically designed as a high density mineral supplement to assist utilisation of poor quality forage, dry summer pastures or stubbles to optimise animal performance.
Containing slow release protein technology designed to stimulate rumen microbes as well as a balance of essential vitamin, macro and micro minerals, TPM Flock Boost DRY FEED aids in utilisation of poor quality forages while maintaining animal productivity performance.
Dry standing feed can be a valuable feed source during summer months, but only when there is sufficient protein available in the animal’s diet. Due to dry standing feed being high in fibre yet low in energy, animals do not typically perform well without a consistent source of protein, as protein is essential for maximising feed digestion for productive animals.
TPM Flock Boost DRY FEED has been developed as a loose lick mineral supplement to utilise these types of feed by using slow release protein technology. With this key benefit in mind, the success of ruminant productivity is related to consistency in the ration, the free choice access to the supplement allows the animal to consume protein throughout the day and keep their appetite active.
This type of diet is suitable for livestock requiring maintenance and/or a small amount of weight gain. For young stock requiring growth, we would recommend a more energy dense ration.
• 15-25 grams per day for Mature Dry Sheep
• 10-15 grams per day for Weaned Lamb and Young Sheep
Provide ad-lib in well drained containers near clean water source.


2% + GST Buyers Premium On All Lots