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$1,000.00 + GST ($1,100.00 Inc. GST)

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Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $1,000.00 + GST  ($1,100.00 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : ROSEBERY, Sydney Metropolitan, NSW/ACT
Category : Farm Supplies, Animal Health Products
Listing Date : 11/06/2024, 05:34pm


Optimise your livestock nutrition and health management with our 100% natural zeolite powder. Sourced from the finest quality deposits, our zeolite powder can be used for use in animal feed, ensuring a high purity and safety standard that supports animal well-being and farm efficiency.

-1 Pallet in 800kg or 1000kg

-$1000 for 800kg excl GST
-$1250 for 1000kg excl GST

Pick up at Rosebery NSW, 2018
Key Benefits:

-Toxin Adsorption: Our zeolite powder effectively binds with harmful mycotoxins and other toxins present in feed, reducing their absorption into the animal’s system and protecting them from health issues.

-Improved Feed Efficiency: Incorporating our zeolite into your feed regimen helps improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR), enabling animals to gain more weight from less feed, thus optimising your feed costs.

-Ammonia Management: By adsorbing excess ammonia produced in the digestive process, our zeolite powder reduces the risk of ammonia-induced ailments and enhances the overall health environment within the digestive tract.

-Nutrient Enhancement: The unique cation exchange capacity of zeolite allows it to enrich feed with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, promoting better health and growth.

-Moisture Control: Zeolite’s hygroscopic properties help regulate moisture in feed, preventing spoilage and maintaining nutrient integrity over time.

-Odour Reduction: When used in animal bedding or mixed into feed, zeolite significantly reduces odours by absorbing moisture and ammonia, creating a cleaner and more pleasant environment for both livestock and farm staff.

Recommended Usage:

Add our natural zeolite powder to your feed mix at a rate of 1-2% of the total feed volume. This inclusion rate has been optimised to deliver maximum benefits without affecting the taste or palatability of the feed.


Available in easy-to-handle bags of 10 kg each, designed to ensure freshness and ease of use in large-scale farming operations.

Product Information:

Product: Natural Zeolite
Origin: Indonesia

Standard Grades and Specifications:

-Powder: Size 200 mesh, Color Beige
-Packing: 10 kg per bag

Typical Chemical Analysis:

-Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): 68.15% by weight, tested by gravimetric method
-Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3): 12.50% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Calcium Oxide (CaO): 5.7% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 2.5% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Sodium Oxide (Na2O): 4.08% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Potassium Oxide (K2O): 4.05% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3): 3.4% by weight, tested by atomic absorption spectrometry
-Manganese (Mn): 0.02% by weight, tested by spectrophotometry
-Phosphorus (P): 0.015% by weight, tested by gravimetric method
-Moisture: 5-8% by weight, tested using a pH meter
-Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): 165 meq Na/100 g, tested by spectrophotometry


The document includes a disclaimer noting that the typical properties listed are averages and that metal listed in the chemical analysis are complexed in the mineral. They do not necessarily exist as free oxides and are based on the most recent testing and offered in good faith as being typical of normal production.

This certificate is a formal document that validates the chemical composition and physical characteristics of the natural zeolite, ensuring it meets certain quality standards and specifications for its intended uses.

Elevate the health and efficiency of your farm with our Natural Zeolite Powder for Animal Feed – a simple addition with powerful benefits.

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