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Beachport Liquid Minerals - Blue Cap - Southern Region

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Location : Elmore, Central, VIC
Category : Farm Supplies, Animal Health Products
Listing Date : 03/08/2021, 07:52pm
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"Not just a trace element supplement"

Blue Cap is a 3-in-1 formulation developed to play a role in the correction of essential mineral deficiencies in cattle and sheep. This mix of natural ingredients formulate a unique mix of trace elements, amino acids and electrolytes with the ability to make nutrients more absorbable and have a better retention rate, improving the performance of the animal. The Blue Cap is our base product with the benefits of selenium and is used primarily in Southern areas of Australia.

• Feed conversion of both dry and green feed
• Supports rumen development in young animals
• Assist in improving fertility & survival rates
• Aids in tightening up calving/lambing periods with a more even drop
• Aids to improve the health of poorer doing livestock
• Ease of Application – for best results use in the water supply, but can also be poured on hay or mixed with feed.
• High amino acid content (the building blocks of protein)
• Readily absorbed by the rumen
• Nil withholding period

Blue Cap can be used all year round, every 6 weeks, when animals have access to troughs. If this isn’t feasible in your operation, consider using over these key stress periods:
Pre-Joining: Treat 4 weeks prior to putting the sires in.
Late Pregnancy: Treat pre-calving/lambing. Start at least 12 weeks before calving/lambing for optimal results and continue after birthing. This will see the breeder through calving/lambing into lactation and help with recovery.
Sires: Start using 6 weeks prior to mating.
Feed Conversion: For dry and green feed to maximise production.

Drum Sizes
Available in 10L, 20L, 200L, & 1000L (Starter Packs also available)

Price is for the 200L drum Ex depot - Can arrange freight.

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