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Grevillia Ag PROMAX - 20L

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Status : For Sale
Location : Elmore, Central, VIC
Category : Chemicals, Others
Listing Date : 07/06/2021, 02:43pm


Promax Spray Adjuvant helps to unleash the power of your sprays

• Especially developed for hard water
• Reduces buffering by hardness
• Helps to control hard-to-kill weeds
• Use with fallow and post-emergent herbicide sprays
• Can be used where an emulsifier oil or non-ionic surfactant is recommended
• Dramatically Improves:
• Wetting and stickability
• Coverage
• Spray penetration and uptake into leaves and stems
• Rainfastness
• Droplet deposition
• Reduces:
• Droplet evaporation
• Drift potential
• Decreases odour by encapsulating the spray chemical
• Enhances effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, defoliants and foliar fertilizers
• May be used with all methods of spray application

The Problems.
Performance of crop protection products can be affected by hard to wet plants, waxy or hairy leaves, hard to penetrate
foliage, hot, dry or wet application conditions, wind, and other environmental situations.
Hard water can also cause problems with gelling and antagonism to various product actives when mixed in the spray

Promax helps to unleash the power of your sprays.
Promax Spray Adjuvant is an advanced blend of esterified oil and superior non-ionic surfactants that when
combined in chemical applications, enhances their performance. Esterified canola oils emulsify more readily
when mixed in the spray tank. The premium surfactant package “softens” hard water plus provides superior
wetting, sticking and penetration compared to other esterified canola oil products.

Overcomes water hardness.
Promax is specifically designed for use in hard water, binding up the dissolved ions that create the
hardness in the water.
Water hardness is caused by Calcium and Magnesium carbonates and
bi-carbonates dissolved in the water. These have a buffering capacity and resist pH changes.
Hardness also affects the wetting ability of water, and can result in a build up of scale in spray
equipment. Water is classified as being hard if “total hardness” is greater than 200mg/Kg.

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