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Delivers better plant performance and higher yields naturally by converting atmospheric N into ammonia which is readily assimilated by plants. Higher levels of post-crop nitrate provides nutrients for the following crops.

Group F – Faba Bean, Field Pea, Vetch or Lentil

20kg Bags

Rhizobium bacteria colonise the host plant’s root system, forming a symbiotic relationship and inducing the roots to form nodules which house the bacteria. The bacteria then fix all the nitrogen required by the plant.

NoduleNTM is manufactured with highly productive AIRG approved Rhizobia strains, which significantly improve crop yields, even when background Rhizobia is present in the soil.

Active Ingredients: 1×108 cfu/gram Rhizobium leguminosarum at date of manufacture (DOM).

Benefits of Rhizobia Technology
- Inoculum is placed in the furrow away from chemical seed treatments.
- Stable, smooth flowing formulation..
- Free nitrogen.
- Ideal for dry sowing situations.
- Legumes treated with the correct Rhizobium, convert atmospheric N2 into plant available N. Estimates 30-200kg/ha of N annually. Equivalent to 64-432kg of urea.
- Improves cereals plant performance when grown after legume crops, with improved yields and protein.
- No withholding periods.

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