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What is DelayPay?
We reckon it should be a lot easier for farmers to access payment terms that suit the way that Agriculture works. It costs a lot of money to get a crop up or fatten lambs and of course, you don’t get paid until after you finish the job. This makes managing cash flow tough.

We have developed DelayPay so you can buy the stuff you need now and pay later... up to 6 months later so that you can pay for the stuff you need much closer to the time you have sold that crop or B-double load of lambs.

How does it work?
Once you're approved you can use it to purchase any Ag related products sold by Farm Tender or Farm Tender Prime. Whether you are buying machinery, hay, grain, fertilizer, chemical, or animal health products you simply get in touch with us and ask for DelayPay and we will take care of the rest.

How does the payment terms work?
You can set your payment terms to what suits you, up to a maximum of 6 months. DelayPay is flexible, you can pay at the end of your term or if you like you can pay as you go. You can even pay out the full amount earlier if you wish. The earlier you pay, the greater the discount you get.

How does the “Seller” get paid?
The person you're buying off will be paid within 7 days of you confirming that you are happy with what you have purchased. We will enter into a sales contract with the seller of the goods to make sure it's secure for whoever your buying from.

What does it cost?
We are nearly there in getting DelayPay into market so pretty soon we will confirm how the pricing works. We have done our research... it will be very competitive and what's more, no one else is doing it!

What do you do if your interested in DelayPay?
Call Dwain on 0427 011 900 or Kelsey 0409 117 730 and we will talk you through how it all works.

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