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Latest Kubota Tractor Price List 2022

  • May 16, 2022
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Thanks to mechanical technology, farming is no longer a laborious and back-breaking task, instead, it turned traditional agriculture into a profession equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Undoubtedly, Tractors are the most basic farm machinery that every farmer needs, no matter how big or small the farm size is.

With the available modern tech farming equipment, a great transition can be seen in its usage, functions, and design as well. The market of farming equipment out there is full of worthy options. There are several brands and each one claims to be the best. But Kubota is a distinguished brand name for manufacturing excellent and sturdy farm essential vehicles. This blog throws light on all the latest and rarest models of Kubota tractors along with their specifications and prices.

About the Brand: Kubota

Kubota is a Japanese multinational brand founded in 1890. It excels not only in tractors and agricultural machinery but also deals in the machinery and equipment needed in sewage treatment, construction, and water purification. The brand is named after its founder, Gonshiro Kubota, and is a renowned name in the heavy machinery industry for over 100 years.

The vision of Kubota is to manufacture machines that support the farmers in the field and provide futuristic solutions. What makes Kubota different from other similar brands is their approach of exclusive data utilization and automation. From production to processing and consumption of agricultural products, Kubota has a vast range of machinery to support agriculture and agriculturists.

If you are looking for some durable utility tractors for sale in Australia, Kubota won't disappoint you. There are ample choices available to you. So, before you make up your mind to invest in Kubota tractors, don't miss out on our guide on the Kubota tractor price list.

Kubota tractors price list Australia 2022:

Kubota BX Series Tractors:

BX series of Kubota tractors are sub-compact tractors with 18 HP to 25 HP. Their size and powerful performance make it an all-rounder option for all types of farming jobs. Be it mowing grass or digging a trench, the BX series of Kubota does it all with great ease and comfort. Even in the tightest space, it provides phenomenal mobility. Tractors in this series come with 3 point linkage that supports multiple attachments like slashers, mulchers, rotary hoes, carry-alls, spreaders, and post-hole diggers.

Model No HP Price (Approx.)
BX1880 18 HP A$18511
BX2380 23 HP A$17490
BX2680 28.5 HP A$28015
BX23S 23 HP A$32525
Kubota B Series Tractors:

For Orchard Farmers, Kubota's B series tractors are perfect. Tractors in this series are featured with innovative technology and farm-friendly specifications. One can't do the paddy and puddling operations with heavy tractors. This is where B series tractors come to the rescue of farmers. Since these tractors are blended with Japanese technology, they are best suitable for row crops like sugarcane and rice. Powerful engine performance, comfy and adjustable seats, and an eye-catching design make it the ultimate product for farmers who need a compact tractor.

Model No HP Price (Approx.)
B2301HD 23 HP A$21856
B2601HD 26 HP A$25178
B3150HD 31 HP A$30879
B3150HDCC 31 HP A$38503
B3150SU 31 HP A$24318
B26B 26 HP A$49079
Kubota L Series Tractors:

The L series of Kubota tractors fall in the category of most powerful and durable tractors. The prime features of tractor models in the L series include stiff performance, unprecedented profitability, and terrific versatility. All the tractors are lightweight and the driving system installed is quite driving-friendly and so ensures great comfort. Whatever be the type of soil, the L series tractor won't let you regret your decision. It is good for all types of weather conditions. Manufactured with Japanese technology, 4wd tractors loaded with advanced features gives maximum output. Check out the specification and pricing in the list given below.

Model No HP Price (Approx.)
L3200HD 32 HP A$24900
L3200D 32 HP A$21896
L3800D 38 HP A$20583
L3540HDA 35 HP A$42619
L4240HDA 42 HP A$29715
L4600HD 46 HP A$23657
L5740HDA 57 HP A$54043
Kubota M Series Tractors:

The Kubota M Series tractors are powerful yet easy to operate without breaking the bank. Its power ranges from 50 HP to 105 HP. You may find both types of an engine equipped in this series, a standard 4 -cylinder diesel or a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. However, it all depends on the model of the tractor. The vision while designing this series, Kubota wants to provide a versatile tractor that can carry out construction, landscaping applications, and other essential farming jobs. Hence developed low noise, safe, efficient, and easy to operate tractors.

Model No HP Price (Approx.)
MX5200D 51 HP A$46884
MX5200HD 51 HP A$34135
M6040DH 60 HP A$34139
M7040DH 68 HP A$34116
M7040DHC 68 HP A$44372
M8540DH 84 HP A$48000
Kubota's M5-1 Series Tractors:

If you are searching for something that accompanies you at farms year-long, the M5-1 Series is what you should try hands-on. The engine is the strongest element of these tractors. The reliable and efficient tractors under this series can undertake the toughest tasks with great ease and super speed. PTO-driven implements are good to go with these tractors. Plus, the convenient electronic speed control to regulate the machine is outstanding. Tractors in this series come with advanced hydraulic transmission systems that simplify the forward and reverse operation. M5-1 series sort out the visibility problems for operators by adding a glass cabin to keep watch on the road without distraction. Comfort and safety are also very good.

The Kubota M5-1 series tractors start from A$80574 in Australia.

Kubota's MGX Series Tractors:

This one is the premium class tractor with unmatchable reliability and great power. Most importantly, it reduces any kind of harmful impact on the environment if caused by tractors. The motto is to build a heavy tractor with maximum torque and output using the latest technology. And it's too easy to operate these tractors as automation technology is used. They have unbelievable lifting capacity and convenient maneuverability.

Model No HP Price (Approx.)
M100GX 100 A$ 90304
M110GX 110 A$ 101937
M126GX 126 A$ 113792
M135GX 135 A$ 119000


Kubota is one of the leading brands in the tractor manufacturing industry and it always pays attention to the powerful performance, safety, and reliability of its products. With great engine capacity ranging from as low as 18 HP to as high as 130 HP, Kutoba tractors have got you covered. Whether for farming or another commercial usage, these tractors add value to your farming activities. Talking about the pricing also, these tractors are worth investing with their incredible features, safety, durability, and comfortable operations.

Hope you got all the details regarding the top models of Kubota tractors for sale in Australia. If you want to know more about Kubota tractor and tractor models from other brands, say, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, John Deere, Case IH, Fiat, International, Fendt, Deutz Fahr, David Brown, Ford, Antonio Carraro, Iseki, Mahindra, Claas, Valtra, and Chamberlain, and their pricing details then you have to just stay tuned with Farm Tender.