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Farm Tender

Farm Tender is an online buying and selling marketplace for farmers and associated agricultural businesses across Australia. Founded in 2011 and now boasting over 29,675 members, we recognised how an online marketplace could transform the way farmers buy and sell stuff. We commonly deal in Machinery & Equipment, Grain & Seed, Hay, Trucks & Trailers, Livestock, Fertilser, Livestock Equipment, Chemical, Rural Property, plus more. It's free to list, and we only charge if you sell something. Farm Tender is a people business that has a digital shop front (the website and app) but the guts behind the business is the service we provide and the relationships that we build. Go to www.farmtender.com.au

Farm Tender "Prime"

Farm Tender "Prime" is made up of two parts, "Prime" Ag Centre and "Prime" Ag News. "Prime" Ag Centre is the combination of an Online Store and a Physical Yard/Store (Elmore, Vic, opening in Mid Feb 2018) selling things like Chemical, Fertiliser, Animal Health, Fencing, Irrigation, General Farm Merchandise, New Livestock Equipment, New Machinery & Equipment, Certified Seed and any other items Farmers spend their money on.

The "Prime" Ag Centre will offer two prices, one, a RRP and the other a "Prime" Monthly Members (PMM) price. The PMM price will be a discounted price as we share some of the margin we receive with PMM's. Anyone can sign up (coming Feb 2018) for a "Prime" Monthy Membership. Read more here

"Prime" also has its very own News service called "Prime" Ag News. It's Ag News done differently and our members have the ability to post their very own articles and press releases on the page. Go to www.farmtender.com.au/prime