See something you like? Why not put in a quote or offer?

The Farm Tender marketplace is all about connecting sellers with buyers and buyers with sellers.

To quote just click on the 'Big Green Quote Button" on each listing, you can also ask a question or comments. Once you have sent through a quote, offer or comment the person with the listing gets an email alert.

When someone has listed stuff to buy anyone can quote on that requirement. It's gives suppliers, dealers or fellow farmers a new sales avenue and the chance to quote on something they would never have had the chance to otherwise.

When someone has something to sell anyone can put in an offer. You never know what you might need.

All correspondence is done through the website and once the buyer or seller accepts a quote or offer then we connect the two parties up to do the deal.

We only ever charge the seller if the quote or offer is accepted. See our Pricing List



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