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Stocka - Secure, low cost Livestock, Grain and Hay trading solutions

Ag Insurance - Payment Insurance

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  • Stocka is working with Farm Tender "Prime" - For Stocka Protect, Farm Tender "Prime" can offer a discounted fee of 1.00% + GST for the "Prime" Monthly Members (PMM's) compared with 1.25% + GST as a RRP

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    What is Stocka? (Watch the videos below)

    Stocka provides secure, direct Livestock, Grain and Hay trading solutions that can save you up to 70% on selling costs.

    Stocka puts you and your profits first. We provide a low cost alternative to using an agent when you trade direct.

    Our products include:
    * Stocka Protect - Trade credit insurance that secures payments from direct sales
    * Stocka Rapid - Invoice finance that speeds up payments and secures cash flow
    * Stocka Transit - Insurance cover for protecting livestock in transit.

    Stocka has partnered with QBE to give you Stocka Protect - a product that delivers low-cost payment security when selling livestock and hay direct to a buyer. With Stocka Protect you are protected in any direct trading scenario, whether you are trading over the hook to a corporate or selling out of the paddock to another producer Stocka Rapid ensures you are paid faster.

    When you need cash quickly, Stocka Rapid will give you access to 85% of your payment within 48 hours. Stocka Transit insures your livestock from when they are loaded through to when the change in ownership takes place. With no excess on claims you are covered whether you are involved in a full rollover or have an injury to a single animal in transit.

    The founder of Stocka, Kelsey Miller, has 14 years of experience in the financial services industry and is actively involved in his family’s beef operation in North East Victoria.

    If you would like to know more about how Stocka can help you to secure your payments and reduce your trading costs give Kelsey a call on 0409117730 or email

  • Listed on: Aug 09, 2018
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