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RFM NT - No Till Planting Technology - Order Early and Save

Machinery - Tillage & Seeding

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  • A Revolution in No-Till Planting

    The Coil has proven to outperform competitive systems from Cotton and Corn fields in QLD to the dry and wet planting of the winter crops in Victoria. The newly released narrow Gauge Wheel has outclassed the conventional rubber systems with self-cleaning and longevity.

    Supported by the revolutionary Coil Closing Wheel, this proved to break down clods and cover the row superior to other models.
    This advanced system is next level technology for Disc Planting, enabling you to be more productive with your current Planter. Be sure to secure yourself for next Planting season, contact us now.

    Early Season Order Program Strats Now - See below.....

    Advantages of our Coil Gauge and Closing Wheel System (Patent Pending) include:
    * Gauge Wheel that overcomes replacing rubbers
    * Gauge Wheel that self cleans
    * Gauge Wheel that keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench
    * Gauge Wheel that gives a smoother ride for better seed placement.
    * Ideal for No Till or Conventional planting
    * Closing Wheel that gives a better press
    * Closing Wheel that sifts the soil back over your furrow to retain moisture
    * Closing Wheel that can give a more even germination
    * Unique press & squeeze system that self cleans.

    Early Season Order Program Starts Now - See below.....

    For the months of June and July we will be offering a 15% discount and 10% for July.

    Double Disc 2019 Early Season Order Program - On Now

    For the months of June and July we will be offering the following
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    RFM NT would like to provide customers with the option to access DelayPay

    With DelayPay, eligible customers can have up to 6 months to pay for deals over $10,000 inc GST.

    For customers who are happy to pay upfront, for June and July we are offering a discount of 20% on the DelayPay price.

    To confirm whether you can access DelayPay call Kelsey 0409 117 730 or Dwain on 0427 011 900

    You can also learn more about DelayPay at

    Purchases made later than June will revert to our recommended pricing schedule.


  • Listed on: Jun 04, 2019
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