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Fleming Hay, Harvest and Sowing Contracting

Ag Contractors - Hay and Silage

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  • Fleming Hay Contracting

    We do:
    • Contract Hay making available for up coming season
    • Owner operator servicing Southern Riverina and the Northern Victoria
    • Hay or Straw on a share basis
    Service include:
    • 8x4x3 Square Baler (Hay and Straw)
    • Mower-conditioning
    • Raking

    Fleming Harvest Contracting

    We have a:

    • John Deere 9600 Header with a straw walker

    Fleming Sowing Contracting

    We have a:

    • 9m Horwood Bagshaw Tyne Seeder
    • 9.1 m John Deere Single Disc Seeder
    • All late-model well-maintained equipment with GPS steering.

    Fleming Freight

    We have a:

    • 44ft Flat Top
    • 34 ft Triaxle Tipper

  • Listed on: Aug 28, 2019
  • Listing No.: 121 (692 views)

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