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CheckWeigh Auto Weighbridges

Grain Handling & Storage - Weighbridges

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  • CheckWeigh Auto Weighbridges


    •     8 x 3 metre
    •     Auto weighbridge kit
    •     Complete with six load cells
    •     End abutments
    •     Summing board, indicator and printer
    •     Price includes fitting and calibration.
    •     Customer to supply foundation and deck/abutment concrete
    •     CheckWeigh will advise on-site layout and foundation construction
    •     240 or 12 Volt DC power options
    •     Please note this is not an NMI approved scale
    •     $19,850 + GST

    For more info contact Brett on 0409 037 055


    • Listed on: Aug 12, 2019
    • Listing No.: 86 (3766 views)

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