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Prime Monthly Membership

Sell for $1-1%
"Prime" Monthly Membership (PMM)
$80 + GST per month

Five key benefits:

  1. Sell for $1-1% on the Farm Tender platform (for contracts written after the 29/08/18). See below
  2. “Prime” Ag Centre (PAC) discounts on 1000’s of products
  3. Free “Prime” Preferred Partner advertising page for your Business, Organisation, Products, Services or Events
  4. All the Mecardo articles exclusive to PMM’s only (value $300 + GST)
  5. Discount on Stocka Protect – Payment Protection Insurance

“Prime” Monthly Membership will cost $80 + GST and will be automatically direct debited to a credit card on monthly basis. Minimum Membership period will be 12 months.


  • $1-1% - Sell Grain, Hay, etc for $1/mt
  • $1-1% - Sell Machinery, Equipment, Trucks, Livestock, Livestock Equipment, etc for 1%
  • $1- 1% - Click here for the Selling Fees
  • PAC – Discounts on things like Chemicals, Fencing, Animal Health, Fertilisers, Irrigation, Livestock Equipment, New Machinery, General Merchandise or just about anything you spend your Farm dollars on
  • Free “Prime” Preferred Partner advertising page
  • Rebates if you successfully purchase through “Prime” Vehicle Brokering
  • Exclusive access to every Mecardo article via “Prime” Ag News
  • Discount on Stocka Protect – Payment Protection Insurance
  • 1 x PMM per ABN holder, Farmer, Branch, Store, Dealership, Agency etc. Discounts for multiple PMM’s
  • Plus more...

For more information contact Dwain Duxson 0427 011900, or any other Farm Tender or “Prime” staff member. * Conditions apply