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Water - Big key to Ag's development

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jan 07, 2018

Young farmer Darcy Hare is excited about his new career growing food and fibre for Australians and the rest of the world.

He wants politicians to support young food producers like himself and develop water policy which will encourage production.

Darcy recently returned to the family farm near Wakool, in southern New South Wales, after time in Melbourne working in grain marketing.

He knows the region is a major asset to the Murray-Darling food bowl, with the Murray Valley contributing an estimated $550 - $700 million in Gross Value Irrigated Agriculture alone annually to Australia’s GDP.

However, Darcy is concerned about the water politics at play which place uncertainty around the future of food producers like himself. This is why Darcy joined Wakool Landholders Association, his local representative group.

Through his involvement Darcy can learn more and understand the inner workings of water politics, policy and mechanics of the river system that have direct impacts in this region.

“My generation needs to learn and gain knowledge from industry leaders. Many of our neighbours have given countless years to the cause of keeping water in this area, trying to educate bureaucrats and politicians as they come and go.

“They can’t do it forever, so we as the younger generation need to learn from them, lead by example and get involved,” he said.

Darcy is keen to highlight the need for governments to ensure our food and fibre growing potential and its ability to support our own country, and other countries throughout the world, is not lost.

“I am passionate about this region and its capabilities, but frustrated by what is happening in political circles, which was highlighted by South Australian Water Minister Ian Hunter’s attitude at the recent meeting of State and Federal Water Ministers,” he said.

At the meeting, Mr Hunter insisted on an additional 450GL for South Australia under the Basin Plan, despit...
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