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The new Central Victorian Livestock Exchange - What will it look like?

  • By: Dwain Duxson
  • Feb 06, 2018

At present, livestock sales for the Central Victorian region of Victoria are conducted at the Ballarat saleyards in Latrobe Street, Ballarat.

These saleyards have been operating since the 1860’s. Facilities are aging and conditions no longer meet modern safety, animal welfare and environmental standards required in today’s industry.

The CVLX project will provide a new, modern facility to replace the Ballarat saleyards. It will accommodate annual throughput of 70,000 cattle and 1.6 million sheep and will improve the safe movement and handling of livestock on sale days.

Features of CVLX will include:

  * An efficient layout which will improve the process of livestock penning, identification and classification to ensure sale days are conducted safely and efficiently.
  * A safe working environment for stock agents, buyers and others working at the facility, including better separation of livestock from people.
  * Modern infrastructure to reduce injury to animals and optimise animal comfort, including soft flooring, additional feeding facilities, low-bruise panelling, and undercover cattle and sheep yards.
  * Quality environmental improvements including rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling and low energy lighting.
  * High quality infrastructure for users and patrons including offices, hygiene services, on-site cafeteria, dedicated parking, vehicle wash facilities, and efficient loading bays.
  * Site perimeter landscaping and tree planting.


 * Development of the CVLX is important to ensure local livestock sales can continue in the region.
 * Ballarat and surrounds have a long history of sheep and cattle production. CVLX will ensure many of the region’s livestock producers can continue to sell their livestock locally.
 * Additionally, the facility will provide ongoing employment for over 630 people who work to support operations at the Ballarat saleyards and create further employment during construction.
 * Economically, the CVLX will inject over a quarter of a billion dollars per annum into the regional economy. This will happen as goods and services are purchased from local businesses, and through the funds CVLX will pay to Council as rates and taxes.


CVLX will be built on a 45.6ha site bounded by the Sunraysia and Western Highways. A natural ridgeline and the Burrumbeet Creek and floodplain separate the site from the nearest township, Miners Rest. The site is approximately 12.5km driving distance from the Ballarat CBD, 11.6km from the existing saleyards, and 2.3km from the Fishers IGA which marks the central point of the Miners Rest township.

What will it look like?

When developed, CVLX will consist largely of single storey roofed saleyards and open air holding pens. Adjoining these will be an office and administrative building, car parking and an onsite café.

Truck parking, loading and maintenance areas will be less visible as these will be located on the far side of the facility.

The balance of the site will feature a series of water treatment ponds and resting paddocks for livestock.
Access to the site will be via Sunraysia Highway. Landscaping along the perimeter will enhance the visual amenity of the site.

Picture - What the CVLX will look like