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Latest 55 Farms Newsletter from the US

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • May 07, 2018

Sales of speciality equipment on 55 Farms
This week at 55 Farms we saw interest in specialty equipment with the week starting off with the sale of a used pixall one row bean picker bringing a final bid of 18,000.00, which is actually 2,000.00 more than it was listed for and an Adams FL2y under trailer belt conveyor bring 8200.00. We also saw a B&B header trailer that was used but in good shape bring 2,000.00 out of Oklahoma.

In Missouri a used Willmore tandem axle fertilizer spreader sold for 1800.00, while a Case IH 2800 nutrient placer sold for 14,800.00 in Nebraska. Buyer trends seem to inform us that the market is for “as needed” equipment relating to actual producer activity today such as fertilizing and planting. Some bids on fall harvesting equipment have been low and rejected, insinuating that buyers are looking for deals on out of season equipment. With both of these trends, we expect to see farm equipment trade rise up throughout the year as we move forward with the 2018 crop year.
Hay demand rising due to drought
Hay traded steady this week with demand on the rise as drought conditions continue in parts of the U.S. Reasoning for steady conditions is due to most hay producers have their own livestock enterprises and have elected to hold onto last years inventory for personal use and concentrate on their 2018 crop to market to other livestock producers. This is leaving a small percentage of an already small inventory left over on the open market.

Montana one of the few states still shipping hay out of state sold some premium number one alfalfa last week for 300.00/ton. In Colorado, small square bales of alfalfa reported to be of fair quality sold for 7.50/bale while fair alfalfa in big square bales in Nebraska brought 150/ton.  

The panhandle of Texas is reported to be out of hay and had some lower quality small alfalfa square bales bring up to 9.75/bale. There appears to be some good demand in the panhandle of Texas for quality alfalfa as many livestock producers and feed stores look to secure quality inventory for the 2018 year, so if you have some getting ready be sure and get it listed with us so we can get the info out there to them.
Signs of cattle demand dropping
Last week we talked about how analyst are predicting demand in cattle to drop in the coming weeks. We saw signs of that this last week with lots of reports of lower bids and cattle falling back in the red on the board. Over all there seems to be some optimism in the long term cycle of the cow/calf sector, as producers are shopping for more than just bargain cattle as reflected in the price of quality replacement cows.

Last week Tennessee reported some large framed young cows selling around that 1400.00 range. Replacement cow brokers are holding strong at that 1300.00-1500.00 price point anticipating much needed moisture across the U.S. to create high demand in replacement females.

We are seeing some cheaper cows on the market with this drought, older type cows and some middle-aged cows out of West Virginia weighing 1100lb and in their last trimester sold last week in that 675.00-750.00 range. We continue to see interest in bulls here at 55Farms as our amount of views on our bull listings are doing upward of 400-500 views their first week up. Some of you seed stock producers looking for alternative ways to market your bulls might take a look at a leasing program.

We had some Red Devon bulls go up on a listing for lease and within forty-eight hours had over a thousand views. Of course this tells us there is some demand and interest in lease bulls, might be something to help some of you producers get your genetics out there and some of your bulls off the feed bill. I also want to let you seed stock producers know that if you have a flyer or brochure advertising your program and want us to put it up send it to me via e-mail.

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