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Lambs $15-$35 rise and Sheep $2-$10 Cheaper at Ballarat

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Feb 20, 2020

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Yarding - 43,893 (+12,125).
Lambs - 26,105 (+8519).
Sheep - 17,743 (+3606).

Lamb numbers increased to 26,150 yarded, the quality was excellent with plenty of weight on offer, a number exceptional grain finished heavy lambs selling to $350/head. All the usual buying group attended, but not all operated fully in another strong market to be $15 to$35/head up in places. Restockers and feeders were again active paying from $77 to $230/head.

Light weight 1 and 2 score lambs, 12 to 18kg sold from $120 to $190/head to average 980c/kg cwt. Trade lambs, 18 to 22kg sold from $183to $216/head to average 960c/kg cwt. Lambs, 22 to 24kg sold from $206 to $237/head, making from 883c to 988c to average around945c/kg cwt. 4 score lambs, 24 to 26kg sold from $225 to $258/head, to average 940c/kg cwt. Heavy 26 to 30kg, lambs sold from $248 to$280/head to average 920c and over 30kg lambs sold from $275 to $350/head to average 880c/kg cwt.

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Sheep numbers increased with 17,743 yarded the quality was average to very good. All the usual buying group attended and operated, with the market easing slightly to be around $2 to $10/head cheaper in places. Light weight 1 and 2 score sheep sold from $84 to $139/head to average 650c/kg cwt. Medium weight sheep sold from $117 to $168/head making from 600c to 680c, with Merino mutton averaging 650c/kg cwt. Heavy sheep, 24 to 30kg sold from $153 to $210 and the over 30kg range sold from $190 to $267/head. Heavy Merino ewes averaged675c and heavy crossbred ewes averaged 650c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino wethers sold from $163 to $223 and medium weights sold from $128 to$168/head to average 655c/kg cwt. Rams sold to $149/head.

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